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This blog is especially made to list my projects that come not only as a picture but also with tutorials. Some projects come with free tutorial, some unfortunately you have to purchase. I am also offering classes for each level of beading, from simple stringing to wire working, bead crochet and also crocheting with wire. Classes are only available for Singapore and Jakarta region. Please email me at mia @ miagofar.com for inqueries.Cheers,Mia Gofar

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Introductory to Jewelry Ribbons

Jewelry Ribbon consists of loosely interwoven fine wires of brass, copper and/or aluminium whose lacquer finish gives scope for a fantastic variety of colours. Its amazing ductility (it can stretch up to three times its original width) allows it to be easily shaped into three-dimensional filigree structures. Both the material itself and the coating of the Jewelry Ribbon are free of nickel, waterproof and extremely heat-resistant (up to 265ÂșC).

In this workshops, I will be using GRIFFIN Jewelry Ribbon, which is a high quality product made in Europe which opens up a completely new dimension of jewelry design due to its range of uses.

• Brooches Model A
Brooches Model B

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